We provide expert, money and time saving advice on new media gear, digital video installations, and media team training. Efficiency and satisfaction result from effective relations with new media suppliers, designers, and outsourced production.

We can help you avoid being over-sold or frustrated with vendors acting in their own interest, not yours. The goal of our consulting services is to increase staff/volunteer productivity and improve in-house production workflow.

Services Include

  • Digital media optimization, storage and distribution
  • Internal digital signage and message boards
  • Video distribution throughout facilities
  • Consultation on best practices for web development
  • Technology based productivity and peak performance
  • Broadcast video and digital switching installations
  • In-house video studio setup and best practices
  • Video upgrades from Standard Definition to High Definition
  • Media team training
  • Organizational Communications  & Automation



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Ideas find expression through usable and elegant media-enabled solutions. Traditional and contemporary media have converged in a new digital world.

Vision Communications provides cutting-edge, expert and affordable solutions to empower your vision and mission. Our experience and deep understanding of media-related technology and digital media arts set us apart.

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