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“Principles of Empowerment”
Getting The Most From Yourself & Life

by Bryan Hudson

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The word empower means “to give strength, ability, and capability.” It comes from two words, “em” meaning “in, into, on, onto” and “power” meaning “ability and strength to act.” Everything you know and do have come because you’ve been empowered by others. There are many occasions when life and new opportunities require additional education and training leading to empowerment. Principles of
Empowerment devotional is designed to help you take hold to principles of empowerment. Empowerment is something you already have, and it is something of which you could always use more. Empowerment is like good nutrition and health, you can never get too much. Time with the Lord everyday is both empowering and renewing. 

RENEW: Principles of Change for a Better Life
by Bryan Hudson

$6.99 for paperback, $4.99 for Kindle eBook

RENEW is a devotional book about personal change. We want to change for the better and change in ways that honor God and empower us to get the most of our life and benefit others. Here is a foundational Scripture that we will consider on several occasions. "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." (Romans 12:2) Transformation is the process of growth, maturity, and positive change. Becoming a Christian was the foundation and beginning of a life of growing and changing.
As Paul said, transformation happens when the mind is “renewed.” This devotional book shares the biblical and practical principles for change that empowers a better life for yourself and others!Each daily lesson is followed by a Reflection Question and a challenge to commit to an action item for the day.

The House of Wisdom
by Bryan Hudson

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Welcome to “The House of Wisdom” devotional based on the book of Proverbs! The book of Proverbs is a compilation of wise sayings, general truths, fundamental principles, or rules of conduct. The Hebrew word translated “proverb” is also translated “oracle” and “parable.” Most proverbs are short, compact statements that express truths about human behavior using contrasts or direct comparisons. We only need to discover how wisdom works and apply it to our lives. Let’s go into “The House of Wisdom” designed by God.

Morning Light
by Bryan Hudson

$6.99 for paperback, $4.99 for Kindle eBook

Psalm 63:1, "O God, you are my God; early will I seek you..." Seeking God "early" is not only the time of day that we pray and devote ourselves to Him. Early is also a mindset of putting Christ first.

Morning Light is a collection of inspirational articles written to offer insight, inspiration, and encouragement for the day. This 30 Day devotional is the first of other Morning Light editions as well as Evening Light devotionals. Each article is followed by a brief exercise in the spirit of being "doers of the word" (James. 1:22)

by Dr. Kenneth Sullivan, Sr.

Published by Emerge Curriculum Publishing

$15.00 for paperback

Stand!  provides the instructions needed to develop the kinds of spiritual disciplines and lifestyle habits that ensure spiritual fitness and a joyful, fruitful and fulfilled life. It is a tool that will help you grow and develop greater spiritual strength, stamina and endurance. It provides very detailed information about the spiritual exercises every Christian must engage in to build and develop spiritual muscle. This book is a friend to pastors because it is specifically designed to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and help them become growing, active, supportive, members of the body of Christ.

Romans Road
by Bryan Hudson

$6.99 for paperback, $4.99 for Kindle eBook

The Book of Romans is one of the most profound epistles (letters) in the New Testament. Many of the great truths and doctrines of the Christian faith were established in this epistle, which was authored by the Apostle Paul. In this devotional, 30 scripture passages are used. These passages are among the most basic to understand and were selected for devotional purposes. The reader is invited to conduct an in-depth study in the book of Romans. This devotional is presented in an easy to read, conversational style. The commentary on selected passages is doctrinally sound and purposely limited in scope. You will be informed, inspired, and challenged by the content of this devotional. 

The Discovery Zone
by Dr. Jerry M. Williams

$10.95 for paperback, $9.99 for Kindle eBook 

The Discovery Zone by Jerry M. Williams will be your guide through the unknown territory of change and transition. Based upon proven principles, this book will help you understand the process God uses to elevate His people to greater purposes. Get ready for a life changing journey! As you seek the Lord and study the biblical principles offered in this book, you will emerge from your discovery zone full of joy and prepared to boldly move forward in life.

Winning the Battle
for Your Mind
by Bryan Hudson

$4.95 for Kindle eBook

“Be renewed in the spirit of your mind...” (Ephesians 4:23)All people, whether one is a non-Christian, a new Christian or a "veteran" in the Faith, have one great challenge in common. That challenge is found in dealing with the negative thoughts, emotions and desires that are produced by the mind. It is the one area of life with which we all struggle in one degree or another. From the most biblically knowledgeable believer to those who can barely recall a handful of scriptures, what happens in the mind is often what makes or breaks the opportunities and responsibilities that we all seek to fulfill. The beginning of the answer for those who desire to win the battle for the mind is found in knowing the One who made us—including our minds. I make no apology for declaring that the Lord Jesus Christ provides both the power and the spiritual resources to produce soundness of mind and body.

Grace: Discovering God’s
Design For Your Life
by Bryan Hudson

$4.99 for Paperback

The Grace of God is an empowering force. Grace is not primarily for personal comfort. Grace is not an amenity. Grace is given to equip you to serve God’s purposes in your generation.

New Media for Ministry
by Bryan Hudson

$8.99 for Kindle eBook,    $10.67 for Paperback

Write the vision, make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:4)Ministry is all about fulfilling God s purposes in our generation. We live in a media-driven culture. Our most important resource, and the most significant book ever written, the Bible, is a media product. Moses tablets, David's Psalms, the Habakkuk’s written vision, the scroll handed to Jesus on the day He proclaimed His ministry, Paul’s letters, and your personal Bibles are all forms of media.New Media for Ministry was written to educate, inform and inspire Christian leaders and workers on the practical uses of new media for ministry. As a handbook, this book is an aid to both ongoing and proposed new media related ministry projects.Media department staff members and volunteers will appreciate knowing about some of the important stages of media production, along with learning effective strategies and tactics for maximum impact.

How to Take Better Pictures with Any Camera
by Bryan Hudson

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81 Pages | $5.99 ~ Full color, interactive ebook for Apple iPad & iPad Mini

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